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Alfred Einstein & Paranormal

Posted on 18 August, 2014 at 0:05

Alfred Einstein  was not a great supporter of conventional scientific teachings and openly made that point well known. He unfortunately had difficulties in his formal education because it just didn’t fit his way of understanding. He was a true scientist deeply fascinated with paranormal phenomena that always offered hints to worlds unknown. Many of the most prominent theoretical physicists of today are constantly under attack by the mainstream scientific community. The mainstream scientists tend to forget that everything they were taught as their most significant discoveries were only theory at one time. As a matter of fact scientists never created anything…they just finally acknowledged or began realizing what had always been there through the limited perameters they insist everything be measured by. Every one of the world’s biggest discoveries had been attacked by the so-called experts up until they the point in time were officially sanctioned and touted as an amazing discovery…as if they created something new.

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