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Gloomy Sunday

Posted on 25 April, 2015 at 2:30

In February of 1936, Budapest Police were investigating the suicide of a local shoemaker, Joseph Keller. The investigation showed that Keller had left a suicide note in which he quoted the lyrics of a recent popular song. The song was "Gloomy Sunday".

v The fact that a man chose to quote the lyrics of a little-known song may not seem very strange. However, the fact that over the years, this song has been directly associated with the deaths of over 100 people is quite strange indeed.

v In New York, a pretty typist gassed herself leaving a request that "Gloomy Sunday" should be played at her funeral. Many claim that broken romances are the true causes of these suicides.


v Perhaps the strongest of all was the case of an errand boy in Rome, who, having heard a beggar humming the tune, parked his cycle, walked over to the beggar, gave him all his money, and then sought his death in the waters beneath a nearby bridge.



v As the death toll climbed, the B.B.C. felt it necessary to suppress the song, and the U.S. network quickly followed suit. A French station even brought in psychic experts to study the effects of "Gloomy Sunday" but had no effect on the ever climbing death rate.



v The composer, Rezső Seress, who in 1933 wrote "Gloomy Sunday’’ couldn’t escape the song's strange effects.



v When questioned as to just what he had in mind when he wrote the song, Seress replied, "I stand in the midst of this deadly success as an accused man. This fatal fame hurts me. I cried all of the disappointments of my heart into this song, and it seems that others with feelings like mine have found their own hurt in it.’’





These are some cases related to the creepiest song. The facts always remained debated though. It is said you shouldn’t listen to this song when u are depressed as the lyrics and the music are said to enhance or aggravate the depression leading to a suicide.


Many say this is a psychological issue because of the news of death numbers, people got a preset mind that if they hear the song, it will eventually lead to suicide which it did. But be it psychological or paranormal, the death rates due to this song has been the highest in the history and still there’s a ban to this song.



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