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The Lost City

Posted on 25 April, 2015 at 2:30

Around 360 BC Greek philosopher, Plato wrote about ATLANTIS that vanished suddenly in one night. A total of Two books described the history and its particulars. Athens was the place where the story of Atlantis was written by Plato. 1000yrs ago the story of Atlantis came into existence before Plato described.Plato describes the atlanteans as great engineers and architectures and possessed highly advance military capabilities.There were a total of 10 kingdoms in the Atlantis and the capital city was built on a hill and surrounded by 3 concentric rings of water which were joined by tunnels large enough for a ship to sail through.A huge canal connected the other ring of water to the ocean. Their were amazing buildings complete with hot and cold fountains shared with halls and stone walls covered with precious metals. Four languages were been spoken all over the kingdoms. He also described Poseidon was the god of the sea. Most people consider greek god in mythological figures but the ancient greek itself denied, they thought they were real.When Poseidon came down from sky, he met a greek women and put something on her stomach and after 9 months she gave birth a baby.Plato says Poseidon put in people minds to worship and serve them.There was a huge temple of Poseidon in the capital city.Poseidon has also mentioned about the Gaint egg and annunaki.The word egg described the cosmic egg.The cosmic egg is the mythological thief found in ancient stories from all over the world.It is used to explain the beginning of life on the earth because many of the ancient believes the god itself sent the cosmic egg and mankind hatched from it.The cosmic egg was 6foot long and Annunaki was arrived on earth 1000 of yrs ago and created the human by crossing his own one DNA with homoerotic. By ancient astronauts theory, they were called gods but they were not gods at all but flash in blood the extraterrestrials.If thats true then Atlantis may not have been a continent but an alien base.There are 3 theories on Atlantis-

1.the most popular theory as to the destruction of Atlantis are exactly what Plato described earthquakes and floods.The flood more than likely attributable to the tidal waves that would have been caused by the earthquakes.

2-there was a volcano on the island that erupted with such force that the island was buried in molten lava.

3-An asteroid hit the island exerting the destruction power of hundreds of atomic bombs.

If atlantis is a myth then how plato described about the exact measurements (2 stadia, 3 stadia, 5stadia) of the 3 concentric rings.

According to my thoughts, the atlantis was not probably an island because it was wiped out in one day or one night and without any evidence left behind. It may be a flying craft.It could be an UFO that came to earth for few years and went off back.

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